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Martin Skiby

Going to go with the AV-30 as a back up to the dual GX3s.  I know several folks using the AV-20 and since I have a bit more panel I’ll go with the larger one.   

Panel underway now.  Looking forward to putting this bird back together.

By the way.

Rick Hole,  do you remember building me a wing for the TriQ200?



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Nice job Jim!!!!


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Just a reminder, wire size for both power and ground is determined by the breaker or fuse protecting that circuit, not by the expected load

In the event of a short circuit the wire must conduct high current until the breaker or fuse interrupts the circuit without overheating.

For an extreme example, consider if the load were a 10 mA LED pilot light connected to a 10 amp breaker circuit.  A short at the LED would result in (more than) 10 amps flowing through the wire.   While it is tempting to think we could use perhaps a 24 or 26 gauge wire, plenty good for 10 mA, that wire would glow red hot before evaporating with the possibility of causing other nearby wires’ insulation to melt and a cascade failure result.  Or an in-flight fire.  Hence the wire must hold up for the trip current long enough for the breaker/fuse to blow.


Rick Hole


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What size wire did you use for the install?


Will I see you in September? No song lyrics intended.



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