Re: Q200 Prop


With regards to fixed pitch prop selection I would encourage you to demand a composite (wood core - composite wrap) and Catto and Prince both offer that. My experience with a wood only prop cost me my airplane and a bunch more. If you inspect your airplane before each flight, maintain torque settings routinely, and take all other precautions concerning prop care you will be fine but my preference is to have a propellor built in such a way as to give you a bit of warning before any major portion of it departs the vicinity.  I flew behind an Aymar-Demuth that was all wood. It was a great propellor in almost every other way, but when a tip departed, it got real loud. And then it got real quiet, until it got real loud again. 

Phil Lankford

On May 17, 2022, at 2:34 PM, John Hartley via <John.hartley1@...> wrote:

My 60x70, if you'd like to borrow or send in for copying (sorry, I wouldn't sell it), was made by Ed Sterba. It's still in the wooden box he shipped it in and I think it's a 0 time prop, only mounted to the O-200 for fitment. I'm out of town for the military but can check when I get home.

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