Re: Flight Report

Jim Patillo

Jay you are so correct. I fly my Q weekly and have never stopped enjoying my ride. 

N46JP -,Q200

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Subject: [Q-List] Flight Report

Hi All,


Nothing special to report, but I took a nice flight this morning and fiddled with a lot of things in the cockpit while I enjoyed the vacant skies near here. I landed and emerged from the plane with an overwhelming sense of well-being and a big smile. I said, “what’s wrong with me?”, but realized that nothing was wrong with me, it was just the effect of everything running great on a beautiful calm smooth morning and a great landing at the end.


So….This is my opportunity to do my once monthly reminder to those still building or restoring their Q’s, to double your efforts and get ‘em flying. You can’t beat the feeling.



Jay Scheevel Tri-Q2 N8WQ, 215 hours 😊



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