Spring Fling 22


Hello again,

Spring Fling update:
I talked to HUF tower this morning.
They'll be glad to have us....just shut up and do what your told.  :)
Naw really....they're pretty flexible. 
Follows are a few key points from that conversation.
Those wishing to arrive as a flight of two or more is fine.  Only one airplane in the flight with need their txpdr on with the others on stdby. (Be sure to brief who the primary aircraft is ahead of time)
They will allow side by side staggered landings at your own risk, 150' wide rwys.  Your airplane your risk, they're just there to sound the alarm....if needed.
As a reminder the lead airplane should always land on the downwind side of the trailing airplane in a crosswind.
ATC will allow group departures.  I didn't ask this but he offered that if more than 4 wish to depart together only the first and last airplanes need to have their txpdr's on as long as the group stays close together so they can keep a radar eye on the group.  For example; a formation flight around the city within Class D or any fam rides within Class D are perfectly fine.  For both just let ground know your intentions, they'll code ya, may assign a departure heading, and yur on your way.  Obviously this doesn't apply to non txpdr equipped airplanes...sorry Terry!
Photos of approaching airplanes while standing next to the runway is fine as long as one person has a radio talking to ground and of course we'll need to let security know so they won't go bonkers. 
Sound a little like OSH mentality?  At least one or more of our controllers work AirVenture every year.
I will have additional briefings, maps etc...in the coming week.
And lastly and most unfortunately a tour of the Natl. Guard base will not be possible this time.  The major I talked to was VERY disappointed as he was looking forward to having pilots for a change especially some with a military aviation background.  It seems there was the possibility of a date conflict that had to be squared first and is why they hadn't gotten back to me.  As it turns out the command will be in DC that weekend with not enough people left behind to give a tour.
As always a huge Thank You to those who have planned to attend Spring Fling 22. 
May the force be with us....weather wise anyway!

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