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Jim Patillo


You never cease to amaze me. Beautiful and Spectacular! 


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Absolutely incredible!  How do you get your camera outside of the wingtip!  You’re a lot more cunning than we thought!  Someone keep a close eye on Jon!

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Very NICE, Jon!  That is a spectacular video and you show the beauty of things, just after sunrise when the shadows are best! Welcome to my neck of the woods (or lack of them) everyone. Glad that I have my personal videographer named Jon. I only get shots like that when hiking 😉





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I'm with you Jay!!  Love that feeling!  I'm occasionally taken back by the thought that I may be in a place & looking at some spectacular terrain/scenery that very few other people have ever seen. That makes me feel incredibly blessed!


I was up in your neck of the woods last weekend and almost stopped in for a visit. But… I just couldn't pull myself away from the fun I was having!  Camped at Escalante (1L7) which has a really nice little setup and fuel at Cal Black (U96) which had the lowest of the insanely high priced stuff miles and miles.  Video production is running full tilt! :-)


Jon Finley

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