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Bruce Crain

The. Crain’s have been working for weeks getting ready for a friend of mine coming to Enid who is running for Senate.  
Finishing up our 8’. Cedar fence, power washing the pool and painting it.  Just started today to fill the pool with H2O.  Yard work, cleaning the back yard, carpet cleaned, hauled off old lumber, steel parts, landscaping the drive,  remove carpet on front porch, phone calls, Dr appointments, practicing the Star Spangled Banner,  and so much more!  
Sorry we couldn’t make it!  Love you guys to pieces!  Next time!  “So you think retirement is a piece of cake?!
Bruce and Honey Lamb

On Jun 7, 2022, at 7:37 PM, Corbin via <c_geiser@...> wrote:

Sounds like a success!  Good job, everyone!


On Jun 7, 2022, at 6:44 PM, Dave Dugas via <davedq2@...> wrote:

Great video Jay. Your panel looks like it's very efficient and comfortable for cross-country. Thanks to Keith for making me feel part of the fly-in. Gives me a motivation boost. Dave D

On Tue, Jun 7, 2022 at 6:47 PM, Jay Scheevel
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Hi All,


Made it home this morning. I experienced “right-on-the-nose” headwinds nearly the whole way home in order to pay penance for the tailwinds that I had when flying to KHUF. After leaving St. Joe yesterday morning, I had a little wait for some IFR to burn off in Kansas. This resulted in my lay over and discovery of a very nice, homey, FBO at Smith Center, Kansas that was selling fuel for $4.98!.


Yesterday’s slow progress pushed me too late in the afternoon, when I got near the mountains, so I stopped in La Junta (east of Pueblo), and decided to call it a day. They have 10 or 12 diamond trainers there that provide initial flight training (on contract) to all who have become non-flying officers in the AF (from officer training school, ROTC, etc.) and think they want to go move into a flying commission. It was fun to see, but with that many aircraft flying, they “own” the pattern, so you gotta get in fast. 


I stayed overnight, but had to leave my little one on the ramp, and watch a brief thunderstorm sweep over it. No hail and no water got in anywhere, so she started right up this morning and I headed home. Again, into perfect headwinds. Saw 26 kts of headwind crossing Monarch pass at 12.5K’. Once I started back “downhill” near Crested Butte, things got faster and I pulled into my home airport about 9:45 in the morning. Here is a short video along the way just NW of Gunnison Colorado.


It was great to see everyone again and to meet Mike Dunning in person. I think Mike is asking all the right questions and it was definitely interesting to see all the bits of the inside of a Revmaster and the aftermarket parts he has acquired. I am glad everyone made the effort, because on Thursday night I was feeling a bit self-conscious by being outnumbered by the Q1’s. I felt like they were ganging up on their big brother.


Thanks again to Keith for putting all this together and making it run like a Swiss watch.


The question everyone kept asking was where were the Crains?



Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q2 N8WQ, now at 235 hours




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