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Robert, I have a 5/8” spring steel rod that I installed many years ago.  You saw it when you looked at my plane. I think it was about 30” long. Look at the original plan as a guide before installing so you know how the glass rod was installed. 

Cut off the fiberglass spring flush and square. Slowly drill out the glass rod starting with a smaller bit trying to stay in the center of the rod. The finished diameter needs to be a little larger than the 5/8” glass rod for a good bond. Use a Dremel and lightly cross hatch the rod for bonding . Pack the hole with flox and insert the rod. Glass the rod around the mating surfaces for a clean transition. 
Note the rod can be longer than 30” and cut after installation.  It will fit your tail wheel perfectly. Drill a hole for an AN 4 bolt and install. You will also want to install two ply of UNI under the fuselage to strengthen the underbelly.  This is a clean way to do this. 
 I tail wheel land and the spring has taken some punishment over the years. It is still working with no bends or cracks in the fuselage. 

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First off, find a slightly heavier fiberglass rod. Maybe an inch more in diameter. But not too much, otherwise it'll be too stiff. You're going to have to drill out the old spring, not fun, but not impossible. Fit the new spring in and add twice as many wraps of bid that the plans call for.

As far as the tail wheel goes, Make a new socket for the spring. Simply get a piece of steel tubing that will slip over the spring itself. Make a new socket assembly just like the old one, except for the larger tube. Everything else stays the same.

And this is why you need differential brakes and a method to separate the rudder from the tail wheel.


On Wed, Jun 8, 2022, 5:54 PM Robert Schmid <robert@...> wrote:
My tailspring broke where the old tailwheel was attached, so missing about 2 inches for my new tailwheel plus the ID of the attachment is 5/8" when the remaining spring is not quite 3/4". See picture for the dilemma ...

So my current thinking is to have the following part machined (yes I'll make a real CAD drawing for it, but the whiteboard was closer than CAD) ... 

Anyone here a machining expert? CAD drawing will be provided to load ;-)

Thanks Robert

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