KLVK space and help for test flying?

Troy Zawlacki


I am reaching out as I near the end of my Q-2 build. The DAR will be coming out in a couple weeks to inspect the plane at my house, and then I will be trailering the plane to Livermore, CA (KLVK) for testing. The plane will live outside, tied down and after Phase 1 is complete it will be moved to KRHV and then KSJC (when space permits).

I guess im looking for someone that may be willing to lend hangar space during those testing hours for the inevitable fixes and adjustments that will occur plus things like valve lash checks and oil changes during those first few hours. Hopefully I can take care of all the action items from the DAR at my house before moving the plane, or at least that’s my reason for doing it that way.

A secondary ask would be to see another Q in person and even flying if possible. I am hoping to leverage this great community to make the transition to flight as safe and smooth as possible.

It has been a great and challenging 15 months of building to get here and I cant wait to get these final touches done.


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