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Jim Patillo

I agree with Mike and Corbin, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Changing both tires and tubes on a Q, takes about 30 minutes once you get the procedures down.  I know this to be a fact because I just did it again. 

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PS. I really like the 2 AV30’s I installed but the DG drifts. I’m gonna install their external Manometer if they can’t fix it by firmware/software. 


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I agree with Terry. The original spacers put both wheel pant sides in compression when the axle is tightened. In this instance, when one side of the pant deflects, the wheel and spacers would just be shoved out the other side. There is nothing holding the separation between the sides.


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Looks like a bad idea to me. If you side load the tire the load is now pushing on only one side of the wheel pant. You have also removed the clamping effect on the wheel pant sides. IF you only make perfect landings you will be fine. That leaves me out.

Terry Crouch
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So after my own and reading about others hassle with wheel removal and install, I came up with this idea ... 

<Wheel Design Idea.png>

The basic idea is to instead of fiddling with the spacers inside the pants, widen the hole, slide in the axle first and then the spacers go on from the outside, held in pace similarly with a long bolt.

Comments? Thoughts? On the design please, not my drawing skills ;-)

Thanks Robert
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<Wheel Design Idea.png>

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