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Jim Patillo

You can also use Zolatone. It comes in different colors. Get at automotive paint supply or on line. 

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I found that white colors inside the cockpit reflect a lot of light onto the canopy and you get this "heads up display" kind of reflection off the canopy.  For instance if I wear a light colored shirt I get to see myself in the reflection off the canopy when the sun hits my shirt.  I went to mostly dark colors inside the plane.  On each side wall I used fabric with sewn in pockets.  These were very useful to store various things.  I kinda liked this textured paint.  Rust-Oleum-Gray-American-Accents-Stone-Spray-12-oz

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Please remind me ... What paint did you use for the inside cockpit area? Heard to prime with exist primer first, but are they any other options? What about truck bed paints?

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