Re: CAD Drafts for Bellcrank & Oil Screen Block Off

Jim Patillo

Hi Michael,

Have you ever landed a Quickie? 

When we created the bell crank in good old KLVK, it was so that you could remove some of the twitchy- ness out of the tail wheel on landing, and ditto for the toe brakes (during the transition from flight to ground handling). This is where Q pilots can get into trouble. 

 By using a 6” bell crank you can create proportional differential between the rudder and tail wheel.  Sam’s splitter solves the broken tail spring issue but does not address the twitchy issue. Correct me if I am wrong Sam, I'm getting old. 😊

N46JP - Q200
2000 + take off and landings. 

PS. Robert, I just used some basic automotive primer, let it dry and then painted over it with Dark Gray Zolatone. I sprayed the entire main body inside less the tail cone. If I were doing it again, I would stop at the seatbacks for weight savings. Are you back in Watsonville? If so I might be able to stop by Friday or Saturday. Fog permitting. 


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Have you looked at Sam Hoskins' splitter setup? Worth considering before investing the work and weight in the bellcrank version...
7. It's a very good thing to have a splitter in the rudder cables. That way, if the tail spring should break, you still have the rudder. Ditto the differential brakes. 
8. I think the aftermarket intermediate rudder cable bellcrank is unnecessary.
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#2827 (still thinking about planning on visualizing how to finish building)

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