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David J. Gall


I agree with the syringe/micro repair but I disagree with the procedure. Don’t just shoot micro down into the delaminated area. First, use a quarter to do the tap test and map out the delaminated area. Then go to the lowest point (or points) and drill a small hole(s). Prepare some contoured blocks that can be used to clamp the delaminated skin against the foam. Tape and mask liberally because you’re going to have overflow. Inject the micro into the hole(s) so as to fill the void from the bottom and push out any air as it fills. Then apply the contoured clamping blocks and clamps to squeeze out the excess. Wipe up excess and leave to cure for 48 hours.

Also, I disagree with digging out the top edge 1/4” and filling with micro. I’d think it best to just level the top edge after the procedure in the previous paragraph then follow the plans after that as though nothing had happened. Maybe scratch the top edge with 80 grit before bonding the shells together….

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David J. Gall

On Jun 25, 2022, at 7:10 PM, Sam Hoskins <sam.hoskins@...> wrote:

What Chris said. No big deal.

 Look for syringes at Rural King. Tractor Supply, Harbor Freight, etc. It can sometimes be helpful to drill out the opening where the needle goes a little bit to help the epoxy flow through a little better.


On Sat, Jun 25, 2022, 2:31 PM Chris Walterson <dkeats@...> wrote:
  Cody-----  What I would do is to mix some epoxi, add a bit of micro
while still keeping it thin, fill up a large needle and fill up the gap.
Clamp it and you are good to go. If that is the finished part, you
should also dig out about 1/4-- 1/2  foam and fill it with micro .

Other opinions may differ.--------------  Chris

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