Re: Firewall Amphenol Connectors

Richard Thomson

    Hi Rob,

    The RDAC for my MGL EFIS is designed to be mounted engine bay side of the firewall, so there is only the CAN BUS twin cable and power cables going rearward ( plus a few discretes).   

    All the EGTs and CHTs are kept within the bay. much cleaner install.

    Rich T.

On 03/07/2022 19:46, Robert Schmid wrote:
Started my wiring diagrams and lists, over 40 wires coming thru the firewall alone which raised this question ... Any of you used Amphenol connectors at the firewall, for ease of taking off the engine and clean install?
If so, I am lost in the different types there are ... anyone can help with this? What type for signal and low voltage wires?

For reference, here is what the DarkAero guys did ...


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