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Jay Scheevel

Hi Shaun,


My angle of climb is measured by making a ratio of Vertical speed to horizontal speed (take the inverse tangent of this quantity and you get angle of climb).  This can be done using downloaded EFIS data. My best rate of climb is within a few miles per hour (IAS) of the best angle of climb, but I have not nailed that down as tightly. The angle of climb of 5.5 at a typical summertime DA in my local area (~ 8000’ DA), gives me a ROC of around 800 fpm, when GW is around 1050 lbs.

Higher GW and higher DA significantly reduce this number. Here is the chart I carry in the airplane. Your mileage may vary.





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Good to see some data like this Jay. Curious how you were determining the angle of climb?  Any associated data for best rate of climb? 




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I have been plotting my flight/performance data, almost continuously, since I started flying my plane in 2018. My Vx has changed from 87 mph IAS, when I did not have any wheel pants to what it is now, 93 mph IAS. I am curious what others are seeing on their Q2xx’s. A plot is shown below for a typical GW loading of 1050 lbs.




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