Re: N169W

Kidd, Robert L [US] (IS)

Whether or not you can re-register it, may depend on who you get hold of at OK City.  If you can’t re-register it, you can probably still get it registered as a different aircraft.


I bought a de-registered Falcon XP (N536AA).  I called OK City and was told I could re-register it.  I rounded up an FAA Bill of Sale from last registered owner, filled out appropriate forms to register, and sent it in.  I did get a call about it, and apparently they did call the last registered owner to verify.  I did have to go through the process of applying for re-issuance of Airworthiness Certificate.  A long dance with the FAA, but successfully registered it and still have it.


John Lewis (Ogden Utah EAA chapter) bought a de-registered Q2 out of Florida.  He was told he would be unable to re-register it because it had been “scrapped”.  They did allow him to apply for new registration as a new plane built from parts, and he was able to acquire the same N# for it, so he has a successfully registered aircraft that was formerly de-registered.


Ping me off line if you have specific questions about my experience.

Robert Kidd

Logan, UT

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