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 I wonder..Bruce..which FSDO did your DAR work with? I presume Tulsa is where I will go through, but in my case the truth is the entire critter is not possible to be a kit!  Nothing like what they are offering from Zenith and similar. Coordinated pilots..not much trimming..they practically put themselves together. I've seen more layout work done in Production lines than the current Experimental kits being offered now.

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Every FSDO has a different story. OK City is probably the most bureaucratic and the slowest. I went through SLC for my airworthiness, which in the end seemed reasonable, but my DAR was a retired Safety officer from that FSDO and had been doing EAB inspections on the side for a number of years, so he had a good rapport with the Salt Lake FSDO. Best to find someone like that who can walk you through the steps. It is well worth paying them for the help.





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Whether or not you can re-register it, may depend on who you get hold of at OK City.  If you can’t re-register it, you can probably still get it registered as a different aircraft.


I bought a de-registered Falcon XP (N536AA).  I called OK City and was told I could re-register it.  I rounded up an FAA Bill of Sale from last registered owner, filled out appropriate forms to register, and sent it in.  I did get a call about it, and apparently they did call the last registered owner to verify.  I did have to go through the process of applying for re-issuance of Airworthiness Certificate.  A long dance with the FAA, but successfully registered it and still have it.


John Lewis (Ogden Utah EAA chapter) bought a de-registered Q2 out of Florida.  He was told he would be unable to re-register it because it had been “scrapped”.  They did allow him to apply for new registration as a new plane built from parts, and he was able to acquire the same N# for it, so he has a successfully registered aircraft that was formerly de-registered.


Ping me off line if you have specific questions about my experience.

Robert Kidd

Logan, UT

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