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Jim Patillo

Hi Chris, 
I would suggest throwing that gascolator as far away from your Quickie as you can.  It’s another source of vapor lock. I’ve never found any water in my fuel. Several of us have removed them. 

PS. I know from personal experience. At about 100 hours I was flying in an airshow at my home base in Livermore. I flew in the morning giving rides, let the plane sit in the sun til about 3pm getting sun soaked. 

On takeoff at about 150 feet on the upwind, the engine began stumbling and sounded like it was about ready to quit. This continued all the way around the pattern. I was pushing and pulling stuff to no avail. Luckily I made it back to the ground and the engine quit right after touch down. I had been warned about this but “knew” all modern normally aspirated airplanes had to have gascolators. I took mine off and never looked back

N46JP - Q200

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 Jay------------  On my injection unit the main supply to the
gascolator  from the header is 3/8. Thats' the rule here in Canada , but
the pumps, injector lines are all 5/16. So after the gascolator I went
to 5/16 and used some of the the stock fuel rails..

  This is what  injection supplier recommends. SDS

  On another note, no more turbine look. Finishing  filling in the hole
in the cowl tomorrow and then no more dirty fuselage.

The other day  7000 ft 158 MPH indicated and 3300 rpm and 2 lbs boost. 
Very comfortable cruise.

  20 hrs so far and all is well.----------------  Chris

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