Chris Walterson

Did my gross flight test this morning.

 Over 1100 lbs I increased the weight 45 lbs at a time.

I tried the first landing with normal reflexor and found that the nose up attitude gave me a constant flair and when it landing it really three pointed and planted.

 The next few landing up to 1250 lbs I use the reflexor and dropped the nose. Kept the speed around 110 mph indicated and flew it on..

 Way more comfortable.

 I found on takeoff I reflexed ailerons up a bit to get the tail down and the airplane took of better.  Not much movement on the reflexor is needed for changes.

 I was going to use cement bags for ballast, but the 80 lb jump was a bit much and I would have a hard time lifting it, so I found 45 lb bags of sheep manure, Conformed to the seat well and I could use the seat belt to hold it in place,  and after , I spread it on my lawn.

The one down side is that because they were sitting outside at the store, they had absorbed a bit of water. I had weighed the bags to allow for this , but once installed in the airplane the weight sqeezed the juice out and I had a bit of sheep shit juice under the seat. Surprisingly , didn't stink.

 Anyway, after all the testing, removed the bags, cleaned the liquid and good to go.

 At 1253lbs and around 65 F, starting at 1100 ft altitude I see 700 FPM with 5 lbs boost for three minutes.  I can crank in more boost , but that climb rate is pretty good.

 Observations after 25 hrs.  Really nice responsive airplane. Good performance with good fuel burn.

 Although it does land fast, it is not that hard to land.  Take care----------  Chris

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