Re: Gross

Chris Walterson

RK and Dan-------  There is no thrust provision in the engine. I have 600 hrs on my other one with no issues.  The gyro guys use this combination  direct drive also.

 Reg Clark did lots of the development and most of us have variations of his.

 Mine is a normally asspirated 2.5 SOHV with the standard Subaru turbocharger.  I have a manually controlled waste gate.

 No mods to the insides.  I have a ring gear from a Ford Taurus attached to a custom crank to extension adapter. The extension is 4 inch Sabre with three blade ground adjust Warp drive.  Small mini alternator with Saturn car starter. Heavily modified Ebay Subaru turbo headers, custom intake manifold and water outlets. VW scirroco rad along with SDS ignition and injection.  Custom engine mount using sway bar bushings for mounts.

 As I said my EA 81 has 600 hrs and is 20 some years old. Subarus are relativeley nice cheap engines, but it is not a simple plug and play. I don't have any finished pictures of the engine, but this will give you an idea.------------  Chris

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