Re: Well, This Will Made My Heart Sink ... Trying to repost with Pics

David J. Gall

Or carve it from some 6 lb. urethane insulation foam similar to the 2 lb. urethane the original Q1 kit used — 6 lb. to better match the existing PU foam of the factory shell.

Or take a section from a donor shell. There seem to be plenty of those around, from time to time.

On Jul 24, 2022, at 2:18 PM, Sam Kittle <skittle@...> wrote:


I think the easiest way to duplicate the part of the fuselage that makes up bottom of the fuel tank is to turn a Q200 upside down then make a mold using the bottom of the fuselage.

Sam K

On Jul 24, 2022, at 10:57 AM, Jim Patillo <logistics_engineering@...> wrote:

Good morning Robert,

When you are mating the tanks to the fuselage, I would considering installing one ply of BID between the tanks and the fuselage and wetting those areas out generously. 

I did that to both of my tanks and haven’t had any leaks as far as I know. 

David is right, this area is asymmetrical and will be hard to reproduce.


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