Re: Well, This Will Made My Heart Sink ... Trying to repost with Pics

Jerry Marstall

Jerry is not an engineer and shouldnt be making structural recommendation.  But, in this particular scenario, I certainly would want something beyond a tap test to validate wing integrity before I climbed aboard. Jm

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 Jerry.. are you suggesting Robert invert the completed aircraft after repair in a supporting cradle (foam dock floats make excellent supports and can be sold later) and sandbag the Canard and Wing to static load?

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No voids from tap test is inconclusive related to good fiberglass bonding if the wings have never been  stressed (as in flight).  The failure of the builder to properly wet the fuel tank layup my be an indicator of his quality of construction .  Jm

On Sun, Jul 24, 2022, 9:46 AM Robert Schmid <robert@...> wrote:
To start, this plane was never flown and the fuel tank system was never fully connected except for a test run.

When I took the outer skin off, there was still blue colored fuel present, so Avgas for sure, and I was able to cut back enough to get to virgin white foam.

On the wings, there is no deformation in any way, we tapped it thoroughly.

All in all, it looks the damage is isolated to the part you see open, and yes I am very suspicious of the header tank now as well.

The good news, my concerns how to install bigger 3/8 outlets ... Not such a big deal anymore 😂

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