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Dave Dugas

Thanks Jim.... not to mention that you have a beautiful Lindy winner yourself. I'm not gonna take Jon's advice this time, although I think he means well.
Dave D 

On Wed, Jul 27, 2022 at 11:25 PM, Jim Patillo
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Jon and Charlie,

You’re dealing with a 2004 Lindy Winner here. No murals on the bottom please. Dave whatever you do will be top shelf. 

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Don't listen to him! Jim probably doesn't understand that is better not to use matching paint. If none of it matches, people believe that it is by design.  Much, much easier to manage expectations, especially when those expectations are low. :-)

While I'm here being helpful... I'd suggest painting that new glass some sort of oil stain black-ish brown color - maybe a mural.  With that, you'll less likely to spend much time cleaning the belly. :-)

Jon Finley
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