Re: Elevator Trim Springy Thingy Really Needed?

Mike Dwyer

Hi Robert.
I had to read your question several times.  Please, when you write something like this, let people know that your flying a GU Canard (which doesn't use Sparrow Strainers), and have the aileron reflexer installed...
So your asking about should you use the trim springs.  Yes.  Without the springs, holding 20 pounds your arm will eventually turn to jelly like mine!  I also used the springs to reduce the stick force on final thus making a better landing.

I don't hear this much from people but on my Q200 in cruise I liked to trim the Reflxer all the way up, which made the forward stick for really high.  Think of it this way, if you command less lift from the ailerons (reflex up) then you got to command less lift from the canard (stick forward).  So less lift = less drag = mo speed!  I used to gain about 4 mph for free doing this.  Yes, I needed my trim springs!

Mike Dwyer

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On Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 9:58 PM Chris Walterson <dkeats@...> wrote:
  Robert-----------  On mine I have the trim spring , reflexor and
sparrow strainers.  I think as long as the sparrow strainers are
installed the elevators will ride in trail pretty well, BUT, there is
still  a bit of force on the stick.

I found once mine was all built, I only needed to set the trim spring
initially and then after that I use the reflexor for any trimming.

  As you can see on the flight test video i posted,  I could fly it
hands off on the first flight. Everything was set to as close to the
plans as I could achieve and it worked well.

  My little Super Quickie was designed and built to fly without sparrow
strainers, but I needed about 2 lbs spring tension to hold the elevators
down. Once in flight the elevators went in trail, but Ialways kept the
spring tension.

  Sparrow strainers work and are very important.-------------- Chris

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