Re: Mission Changed - Time to Sell My Q200

Troy Zawlacki

And what is the empty weight?

On Aug 6, 2022, at 5:09 PM, David J. Gall <David@...> wrote:

How much?

On Aug 6, 2022, at 10:32 AM, Corbin via <c_geiser@...> wrote:

Well, I knew the day was probably coming.  With kids going off to college and me no longer traveling weekly to the client, the Q200 no longer fits my mission.  My wife and I want a plane we can shuffle kids back and forth to/from college as well as go back to Colorado flying vacations with all five of us.

I just brought home a new to me Turbo 210 from Seattle down to Dallas and sadly have decided it doesn't make sense to keep the Quickie.

I wanted to let this group know that it is for sale first to hopefully find the right person.  However, I have not settled on a price yet but will work on that soon.

It will likely be the most expensive listing for a Q200 given the upgrades recently made.  If I can find a larger hangar asap then I will keep it but I don't think the odds are good of finding one.

High level:
  • Fuel injected Continental O-200A
  • 629 SMOH
  • Conditional Completed July 2022
  • Dual Lightspeed electronic ignition
  • New aluminum panel 
  • Garmin G3X PFD
  • Garmin Autopilot w/ Smart Glide
    • autopilot flies to the nearest airport while the pilot troubleshoots the issue
  • Backup battery with enough juice to outlast fuel
  • Vertical Power system (electronic circuit breakers)
  • Garmin remote comm unit
  • Garmin full engine monitoring system (displayed on G3X)
  • Nice grey leather seats and panels
  • Probably some other upgrades that I am forgetting...
If you know of someone looking for one of our unique planes feel free to let them know to reach out to me.  I would very much prefer for it to go to someone that is already familiar with Quickies.

<DSC03230.jpeg><left side.jpeg><57265C33-09A6-458A-915D-8AAE5593B208.jpeg><IMG_5503.jpeg><IMG_5548.jpeg><IMG_5175.jpeg><IMG_5176.jpeg><front left.jpeg>


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