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Jay Scheevel

See what you are saying, Corbin.  However, if you used the spreadsheet that I sent you a while back as a template, the initial weight and moment are calculated in the upper section and then the weight/moment history are computed incrementally from that initial value using the fuel burn rate and weight of a gallon, in the columns below. Just trying to clear up the confusion. Here is my spreadsheet snapshot similar to yours.


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The answer is always in the formula and cell references.  That formula is using fuel burn rate for the time component in the W/B.  The header name of “Weight” is just through to baggage.  


It is a relative reference for the fuel burn calculation below.  He needs to look at the actual formula for the weight of the fuel further down in the W/B.  For example, the first row shows 11 gallons of gas and 66 lbs which is the 10 gallons entered above in the cell he is looking at plus the 1 gallon of unusable fuel for a total of 11 gallons.  The weight shows 66 lbs.  The second row shows 10 gallons at 60 lbs and so on and so on.  As time goes on (first column) the rate that fuel burns if 5 gallons per hour.  This is how the total fuel in main decreases as time passes.  The weight is updated by multiplying the gallons times 6lbs.  If the relative reference, using fuel burn was not calculated then the time component in the first column would be inaccurate.


The screenshot shows what I am referring to quite easily.  



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Hi Corbin,


I think Chris is looking at the results of the formula in column 4 (starting condition moment calculation), where it apparently multiplies the fuel quantity in gallons by the weight per gallon and appears to indicate that the weight per gallon in that formula is 5 lb./gallon.





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Look at the formula itself in the W/B.  6 lbs is used for a gallon of gas. See screenshot below.




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 Corbin ------  I may be missing something. I see the fuel burn at 5 GPH

In the W&B it  says column 3  fuel main 10 gallons  column 4 says 50lbs

Next down for the header it says column 3 ---------- 4 gallons column 4 is 20 lbs

 Take care--------------  Chris

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