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I feel terrible and would love to be there but am committed to our towns Autumn Fest that weekend.
Who knows if the wx is REALLY good that weekend maybe the wife will feel bad enough to let me go but I doubt it.
Have a good weekend everyone.

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Already got my room at the Super8 a while back as well, can't wait to see everyone again!  And i'm prepping my plane too, i want it look (and fly!) nice!

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I am prepping my plane, Paul. Can folks who intend to go please let me know what hotel seems to be the choice?  I will call and make my reservations.





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Hopefully everyone is getting their bird ready to go to Decorah (KDEH) on the 16th!!  FOD flyin is always a great time, I hope to see everyone there!



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It is quiet. i assume everybody's profiting from their hard work and gone flying.



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  Did my computer screw up or is everyone on holidays?  It's been
unusually quiet. ---------------  Chris

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