Re: Fuel tank failure after one week of testing!!! 😤

Rick Hole

Jay, I  believe you are correct with Pro Seal 

Rick Hole

On Sat, Sep 3, 2022, 2:15 PM Jay Scheevel <jay@...> wrote:
I think the grey sealer is what is used to seal tanks in the Mooney wet wing. It is Pro Seal (PPG product):
It is also available from spruce. It is a two part sealer so does harden. This can leave it more brittle than the Buna slosh that I mentioned before.


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In my days with Velocity, the tanks (main tanks and header) were made with EZ poxy and further were coated with a fuel sealer, light grey in color, a two part product I can't remember the name.  Velocity did not consider EZ poxy sufficient especially if auto fuel were to be considered.
We must also look ahead to the likelihood that leaded avgas will be phased out sooner rather than later.

Rick Hole

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