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Richard Thomson

See what you mean, not too much space there OSD. Looks like the only way is the highway.

Great video Charlie. Thanks.

Rich T.

On 12/09/2022 14:18, One Sky Dog via wrote:

Hi fellow tandem wingers,

I will not be able to make the fly-in this year.😢

On a positive note after years of repairing damage incurred from a forced landing on a non suitable surface the plane has flown again.

On a non positive note I had planned to test fly the plane at KOGD. After the first flight I have re- thought this and decided it is a bad idea. You can look at my videos and see there is no place make an emergency landing due to population growth around the airport. In addition KOGD airspace is in the approach to Hill AFB which limits altitude to 5500 MSL and below in half of Ogden’s airspace. Ogden is also in the Class B veil and Class B overlies Delta airspace.

I have pulled my camper cargo trailer back home and will pull a flat bed back to Ogden to transport my Dragonfly to Benson,Az. At E95 I can climb out and stay over the airport with lots of fields in the river valley below the airport. No tower controllers herding ATP students and yelling at everyone. I can do all the test flying and make sure the Dragonfly/Corvair is ready for long distance cross country flights.

Starting the annual inspection on the Tri-Pacer today.

You all have fun and fly safe!


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