Re: Cool cloud sighting

Jim Patillo

If you’re instrument rated and your plane is so equipped no big deal. If not, an engine related problem can be a really big deal quickly, especially if you’ve never flown IFR in clouds totally obscured. Confusion happens instantaneously, then the plane cannot handle the over inputs and comes apart. Better to look up at it than being in it not knowing which way is up. Just my professional opinion after 57 years of flying. Get home safe, guys!

The pictures of the fly in were really nice. I swear to fix my oil leaks this winter, I’m missing to much fun. We always had good turn outs in Livermore when Bob and I were running It. 

Jim Patillo
N46JP - Q200

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While “threading the needle” through storms near Omaha this morning, I saw a phenomenon I had never seen before. A stratus layer (below me) was being sucked upward by a convective cell of to my left, turning the top of the stratus into something resembling the Eiger (mountain in Switzerland). The lighting and the white Quickie wing make it more “artistic”


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