Another FOD flying report

Sam Hoskins

I might as well give my two cents. The arrival at KDEH was interesting, to say the least. There was a pretty stiff wind from the south and I warmed up by doing a low pass, then came around for the landing. Fortunately, things calmed down a bit on final and I managed to get the aircraft slowed down enough for a one-bounce Landing. By the way, attempting to recover from a bounce is not recommended for newbies. Just go around. I survived by this one feeding by in a little bit of power to settle in and it all worked out well.

After an excellent time with Kevin and The Usual Suspects I had to leave on Saturday for another event in southern Wisconsin. This time on departure, the winds were really quite stiff and it took about everything I had to keep it centered on the runway until liftoff speed. I elected to not do the low pass on the way out.

Saturday was the big reunion with my old skydiving buddies at the Sky Knights Sport Parachute Club in East Troy Wisconsin, K57C. By the time I got to East Troy, the crosswinds had settled down. There is a downward slope on the 3,900 ft. Rwy 26, so speed control is essential. On my first try I was about 95 mph at the numbers.  I touched down and rolled about halfway down when I decided I better hit the throttle and go around, since I wasn't sure if I had enough runway remaining. The second try was just fine and dandy. 

Had a great time with all my old skydiving buddies and of course lots of lies were told and re-told. The attached photo of that young crazy guy was taken in 1973 when East Troy was still a grass runway.

The ride home was nice and fast but I was getting some strange fluctuations in my oil pressure. Once home, I took a look and figured out the Hobbs pressure switch had been failing on me. (Funny thing, back at DEH Rodney was having a Hobbs problem with his Cozy. Must be a virus going around). There was oil all over the place and I wasn't sure which device was leaking, the pressure switch, the pressure transmitter or the fittings themselves. I connected the inlet fitting to my air compressor and sure enough, it was spitting oil out of the pressure switch. So, I have a new one on the way and I'll be reducing the number of fittings here. as well  I found there was a Cessna AD out on these pressure switches.  I have no idea where I purchased mine 35 years ago, but I'm getting a replacement from Van's.

The FOD was a great time and if you weren't there your mark calendars for next time.



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