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Stephen Theron

Good Afternoon to the Quickie Group

My name is Stephen Theron from South Africa. I’m restoring a Tri Quickie that was standing for 23 years. 

I will be visiting in the Boynton Beach area next week and it would be nice to meet someone close by so I may have a look at your Quickie. Please let me know if anyone is available. 

Thank you

Stephen Theron


+27 84 699 1684 WhatsApp. 

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 First parts procured in 2006.  Las Vegas Nevada in the Luxor Parking lot.  

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How long have you been building Vern?  I suspect you just might give Jay a “run for the money” on build time.  Jay has a wonderful TriQ 200+ but a lot of our hair turned grey in the mean time.

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Good points, Vern. Staying within ones comfort zone is a good thing, and also staying within the limits of what has already been done/proven and is well documented (ie. origianl plans and Q-talk) is essential if you are a novice builder. Sounds like strange advice coming from me.  😉





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 The spar of the Dragonfly build, and I didn't have a spar with the Q2 items I purchased. I have a set of both Dragonfly and Q2 design packages.    


 The other reason Frankenbird became closer to reality is a set of very well constructed surfaces became available for less than what the raw materials would cost to build.  Similar deal on the Q2 fuselage. What I purchased was pieced out "kit" but with all the history and sale invoices. 


 What I am doing something I would NOT recommend to a first time builder at all!! NOT!  We have a saying in the aircraft M.E. world..  Pioneers are the FIRST to catch the arrows!   


 All in so far I have less than $2,200 in the airframe. My engine will be in the area of about $8,500 (zero time Corvair WW conversion and I have a deep background in engine build and overhaul, including the Corvair flat 6). I plan to stay VFR and the panel will reflect that. I am an old timer that still uses a slide rule E6B. No batteries included. 


 That is how I fly a chicken. I can't remember a time I felt more uncomfortable than when I was VFR between layers. I did that ONCE in a familiar area in a highly equipped rental Piper Warrior that was almost new at the time. My instructor at the time was a hard ass old airforce instructor and his C152 was IFR. 


 I had my Private ticket sign off in less than 40 hours, so to run off the time I had a lot of PAR practice at Jacksonville AFB and actual IFR in the clouds with Fitz. Not to say I am qualified IFR, only that I learned my limits. I also knew that by the time I reached North Little Rock where I lived then, the layers would clear (FSS was live then). Ironically at the time I was over Tulsa and was being vectored by them. I live not too far from Tulsa now.       


 The name Frankenbird is going to stay in my case because of course it is well named. That also and the fact that I am of German and Swiss heritage (German Grandfather and Swiss on my Mom's side of the family). I am building a Bavarian style mother-in-law sized cottage complete with the exterior trim on our property in Oklahoma. The 48 X 25 hangar also in process but it is a usual design.  


 My wife holds both Russian and American citizenships, and Russians have a deep love/hate relationship with fits well in our marriage 🙂   Remember the angry crowd in the old movie where they are going up the hill to fry poor ol Franky while he is growling and trying to fend off the flaming torches??...that is what happens when Lara gets angry at me. is important I complete the Bavarian style Cottage as soon as possible!!!   


 Another factor is I have been in the professional side of aircraft construction for most of my life, and about 1/3 of that time in Composites build. Also have been in both Shop and Engineering job roles. Not just in large factories, but MRO and Repair Stations (larger businesses,  with advanced composites manufacturing equipment such as Nordam NTR/Gulfstream).  


Vern Lehman


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Chris and Vern,

This may have been discussed before, but just curious as to why each of you has chosen a hybrid - aka "Quick Drag" "Q2 Fly" or "Dragon Q2"

DF Mk1

On 9/21/2022 8:31 AM, Frankenbird Vern wrote:

 Chris.. you have a Dragonfly Canard and Wing, or did you extend the span on both Q design surfaces?


 I am actually going the opposite.. a "clip wing" Dragonfly with Q2 fuselage and vertical surfaces. 


 I will measure the mass at the same place in build just have a base measurement of structure

over or under the "average".


 I suspect my aircraft is already to the heavy side but that is based on the MKII Dragonfly Canard, which 

includes extra plies in the layup schedule.  I will also be deleting the stubby fiberglas gear stubs and 

installing a steel spring tapered tube Wittman main gear to the engine mount. That should also add 

weight to the airframe. 



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 Robert----------  My empty weight is 749.   The firewall forward is
256 plus abut 10lbs for the cowl. The 18 lb battery is in the back, plus
the rad and the gallon and half of coolant. Doing the math I am probably
over 440.  I do have the steel inboard landing gear and 18 inches more
span on both the wing and canard.  I also had to install 14 lbs in the
tail area to get proper CG.

  Take care------------  Chris

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