Rudder Pedal Mount Designs


While I am keeping my rudder pedal tubes and add toe brakes on the left, I needed to move the mounting points aft ... my plane was built for someone much taller than me :-)

So now I get to decide ... Do I keep the original design with 4 phenolics or do I adapt something a little different? I saw this for example with the middle to unbolt and liked it ... 


I looked at Jims, Corbins and others, but was hoping for your insights. My main questions are ...
  • OPTION A - Do I make a plate that I assemble outside and then epoxy into the floor?
  • OPTION B - Do I mount phenolics / delrin mounts straight onto the floor?
  • MATERIALS - Do I use phenolics or delrin?
  • GEOMETRY - What angles do I want to achieve between heel/foot, the pedals and the breaks? Looking at Matco images right now.
Yes I have the original plans and I am looking at those as well but I would appreciate your insights and especially your PICTURES.

Thanks Robert

Robert "TheFrisco" Schmid
(408) 805-5450

Love building planes almost as much as flying. Latest completed build is "Loki", a Chinook Plus 2 bush plane.

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