Re: Hi! I'm a new member and want to build a Q-200... probably from scratch

David J. Gall


I would not build a "Roncz" anything from the coordinates that Jay kindly supplied. I have a coordinate file that has the pedigrees of both David Lednicer and Marc Zeitlin and I would not build a "Roncz" anything from those coordinates, either. In both cases the most important part, the trailing edge of the elevator, is all messed up in comparison to the elevator that John Roncz actually designed.

The only way to get a Roncz canard airfoil is to get the Long-EZ Roncz Canard templates or the redrawn Open-EZ templates. Fortunately, I happen to have those right here. (Sam, yes, please put these into the Q-LIST files section). You'll need to extract the images from the PDFs and reduce or enlarge them as needed. Most CAD programs can import an image and scale it for use as a background against which to draw your own templates. Be careful to make the appropriate offsets for skin and spar cap layup thicknesses.

David J. Gall

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