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Jim Patillo

Hi Jerry, I explained this same thing to Robert in a phone call early this morning. 

N46JP - Q200

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 before drilling the bolt size hole, simply drill a hole in the phenolic slightly smaller than the measurement across the bolt head.  Slide the bolt into the hole and hit the head of the bolt with a hammer.  That bolt will not turn and no flox required.  

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I have one is countersink the back of a piece of phenolic for the bolt head to fit in then using a dremel just put a few cuts around the edge of the hole for a better grip.
Put the bolt in most of the way before the head goes into the hole, then fill the hole with the flox mix and push the bolt in the rest of the way so the flox oozes out.

I rough up the faces of the bolt too.

Pretty sure it's not going to move.


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I use either ClickBond fasteners or EZ-point surface mount fasteners depending on the application. ClickBond products are available from: and Aircraft Spruce (very limited selection). EZ-points are available from Spruce. Using these surface mounted fasters avoids having to penetrate the continuous fiberglass layup of the structure that you are trying to attach to.  If you need a beefier mount point, you can add small patches of glass on top of the existing layup, then add the fastener to the top of that.


I do not use the ClickBond adhesive, for a number of reasons. I have found that JB-Weld is the best alternative to attach both the ClickBond and the EZ-point fasterners. Surface preparation is the same as for standard epoxy layups. My 2-cents.





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Silly question I am sure but I am struggling with floxing in AN bolts, or SS Grade 8 ones for that matter, to mount various things inside the plane, some more structural than others. What I do know is ...
1 - I'd use phenolic as the base with the bolt thru it,
2 - then cover the phenolic with 2 layers of BID but ...

How do I make sure the bolt doesn't slip when I put on the nut?
Do I always need to cut the foam out to attach the phenolic to the outside instead of inside skin?
What about embedding in the canard?

Thanks Robert
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