Re: Floxing In AN bolts?

Jim Patillo

Like I said, I called Robert yesterday morning early and explained to him, exactly how do this with phenolic and a Dremel tool. Same as Jerry and Sam explained later.  Build to plan if you don't know what you're doing and only add changes that are proven and time tested. 
Changes like this “ABS Material" are what gets a "Newbe" in trouble down the road. I've learned to quit giving advice unless someone is really asking for help. Follow the builders plans, for the most part, that can save your skin. 

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You are correct, Sam. ABS has a permanently “greasy” finish regardless of what texture you put on it. Epoxy will not bond properly to it. I agree, use phenolic.





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Why ABS?  I don't think that epoxy adheres to it.  Just use phenolic, it's what the plans call for and it's proven.




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So it turns out I found some ABS material to make the rudder mounts instead of phenolic. Might as well just epoxy those in like phenolic with BID on the sides.

Thanks for everyones help, very much appreciated!!!
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