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Rick Hole

Good point, Troy.  I have used circular connectors on many Velocity installs.  They sure make engine removal simple.  If you go that way give careful consideration to securing the cables to minimize vibration of the cable at the connector, and be sure the cable clamp is done properly.  I like to see the cable supported as closely as possible to the connector, not allowed to hang in free space, and tied down regularly.  Tying directly to engine mount or other tubes without chafe protection: don’t even think of doing that.

A stitch in time save nine (days of overhaul later on).


Rick Hole


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Robert, pull up the catalog for the style you want on mouser and follow the guide to “Build your part numbers” from all the options. Be prepared to spend some serious money on crimpers though. Popular brands for circular connectors are ITT, Amphenol, TE. 


It adds a lot of times and potential failure points to have all these crimps. Simple stainless tubes for pass thrus are lighter and simpler in many ways.



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I am trying to buy 3 Cannon plugs (8, 18 and 30 pins) and the matching receptacles on and I AM SO LOST :-(

Anyone out there who has experience with this who can please help me? Thanks Robert
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