Re: Starting & run-up steps for an O-200 with SDS EFI

Sam Hoskins

What are you using for an alternator?

I suggest only one pump on for start and taxi to allow more current available for the starter motor. Both pumps on for takeoff and landing phase incase of a failure at the wrong time. One pump for enroute. I suggest pump #1 for West, #2 for East bound. I am using Walbro pumps and they draw about 7 amps each. 

I've had trouble with kickbacks with a cold engine. Before I turn on the fuel injection system, I turn both batteries on and hit the start button and cycle the prop for a few blades. Then I go into my regular startup procedure and turn the ignition and fuel injection on for the actual start.

Pump number one is connected to battery number one. Pump number two is connected to battery number two. When running pump number two, don't forget to turn battery number two on. I was once surprised at a long cross country, when I was running pump number two but the battery wasn't on. After about 2 hours the engine suddenly stopped because I ran the battery down.


On Sat, Oct 8, 2022, 6:04 PM Robert Schmid <robert@...> wrote:
I am away from the hangar which always means I am doing designs, planning and shopping. The last two days, it is panel layout and switches time.

For background, I am using a VPX for most of my wiring, with the exception of ignition coils and injectors that are on push knob circuit breakers per SDS recommendation. So here are my proposed steps for starting and runup, shortened with focus on engine checks only ...

... misc stuff ...
Inst Switch. - CHECK OFF
Circuit Breakers - CHECK IN (4 injectors & 2 coils)
Master Switch - ON (turns on EFIS for engine monitoring, ECU, 2 fuel pumps, coils, injectors)
Fuel Pressure - GREEN
Throttle (Cold) - 2 PUMPS
Throttle - SLIGHT OPEN
Brakes - HOLD
Propeller - CLEAR
Start - PUSH
Oil Pressure . - GREEN in 30s
Throttle - 1000 RPM
Alternator Switch - ON
Instruments Switch. - ON
... misc stuff ...

... misc stuff ...
Breaks - HOLD
Throttle - 1700 RPM
Engine Run-up - CHECK BATTS (have a switch for Both, Batt 1, Batt 2)
- CHECK PUMPS (turn off/on pump 1, turn off/on pump 2)
- CHECK COILS (turn off/on coil 1, turn off/on coil 2)
Throttle - 1000 RPM
--- misc stuff ...

Reminder, this isn't a carburated O-200, there is no fuel pump from main to header tank, just a dual high pressure pump from main tank to engine.

What are your thoughts on the steps? What's your take on turning on fuel pumps together with Main switch? What am I missing?

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