Re: Starting & run-up steps for an O-200 with SDS EFI

Sam Hoskins

I am attaching my primary distribution wiring diagram, which is outdated. Please note that B&C has eliminated the three fuses for their 30 amp 433 alternator. They (I) identified the fuses as a possible failure point. I don't have a pdf of the updated drawing available since I'm on the road this week, so I'm providing the one with the alternator fuses. 

Also, I have two redundant switches, one for the upper coils and one for the lower coils but I don't feel like doing the re-wiring. Maybe some day. 

Hope this helps.


On Sat, Oct 8, 2022, 10:16 PM Robert Schmid <robert@...> wrote:
Oh wow, totally different than I had imagined. Will have to rethink my switch layout and a way to really switch between pumps, same as I do for batteries.

On alternator, I got the B&C 433, 30 amps.
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