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David J. Gall

Did you ask about “Fabrication Billet?” It generally comes in larger sizes and is cut to size by the distributor….




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Hi Janich78,

Appreciate you posting this.

Also searching for blue foam.



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The foam that ACS sells is 16"x8" XPS PIB (eXtruded PolyStyrene Pipe Insulation Billet); I don't think the main wing can be done in one piece (the largest piece has an ~18" chord).

I spoke to Polyguard (XPS PIB manufacturer); one of their distributors is Bay Insulation (I searched, there's a branch in Phoenix).

When I talked to Bay Insulation, they were out 2 months ago (PNW) and the sales rep said that they were having supply chain issues and were keeping what PIB they had for internal projects. YMMV.

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