Re: Drawing and dimensions of Q2 Q200

Eric Gardner <fulltilt360@...>

How accurate is the fluid dynamic model from David
Lednicer shown in the photo gallery? As a mechanical
engineer with 3d FEA/CAD/CAM experience, I would
assume the model would have had to be pretty accurate
if good results from the fluid analysis were to be
expected. This data could be converted back to a
wireframe or solid model and much information can be
gained. Just curious......

Eric Gardner

--- Jon Finley <finley@...> wrote:
I'm going to have to fix my wheel pants if you keep
picking on them!! :-)
At least they are smooth, sharp corners.....

First off, I haven't done much with CAD/graphics in
a few years so if
someone is up to date - please jump in.

A three dimension view would be really cool BUT it
requires software beyond
what the average guy possess. The list server will

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