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Jay Scheevel

Yep. Sometimes I glance down and think I am being “escorted” 😉

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Hey Jay,
Looking closer at your video.  Is that an F-22 Raptor image on your GPS screen?

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Well, is a more thorough answer to your question 😊

I flew down to Prescott, Arizona yesterday, spent the night with my son, Carl and then flew back this morning. It was all good. Had a little headwind on the way down, so stopped in Williams, AZ for gas ($5.67, which seems like a bargain now), then on to Prescott. Had nice tailwinds coming home, so flew direct. Here is some nice scenery compiled into a video of my trip.

Here are the ADSB tracks:

All of you still building, get it finished and fly it. I am glad that I finally did.

Jay Scheevel
Tri-Q2, N8WQ 277 hours

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Which of you were out flyin today?

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