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Frankenbird Vern

  I get them mixed up, Charlie. Never flown behind one, and the only VW I have ever 
owned was a Diesel Rabbit truck which was a series of lessons in itself. 

 How is the Phase 1 going for your Dragonfly now, Charlie?   

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 Jon.. When Dave was en-route to FOD the last time it was in Enid his "Hapi" went "un-happy" and grenaded, but not enough it was locked up. He made the emergency landing in Pawhuska Oklahoma which is about a 45 minute drive North of my location in Mannford Oklahoma. The Q suffered hot sparks and oil burn on the belly.  

 I was at the Enid airport at FOD and one of the first to greet Dave as he arrived ..knees still weak but otherwise ok. He had to purposely ground loop to prevent over run of the rather small Pawhuska runway (which by the way is quite a bit West of the town!!). No further damage from the earth-based acrobatics.  He made the grade so his piloting skills in an emergency proved out.  

 Then the long trip back home in a rental truck after dismantle. 


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What happened Dave?

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Thanks everyone. I don't think it would stand up to the competition at Oshkosh, but kind of you to say that Bruce. I'll feel better when it's on the gear. Rodney arrived in Hawaii yesterday, but he's made good progress on his Cozy. When he's back he wants to build better elevators.
Dave D 

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Fabulous!  Superior workmanship.

On Tue, Nov 1, 2022, 2:35 PM Dave Dugas via <> wrote:

Should be back on the gear by the weekend. Finally! Great video Jon
Dave D 

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