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Frankenbird Vern

 The program I am working on now at Boeing in Oklahoma City is the AEWC UK E7..  Australia has a fleet of very similar E7 "Wedgetail" aircraft and we work very closely with the group in Australia. Some of the shocking (to me anyway) recent changes in government actions there have really been unreasonable. The crime rates have rocketed up,  similar in many of the larger cities in the States. My wife and I went to vote on Saturday for Senate and Govenor of the State, and now we are watching what the results might be tomorrow as far as regaining some form of balance. As it is now the United States is heading straight into the worst of ideas. Oklahoma is a place where conservatism and standards have been in place for decades. People here believe in gun ownership and there is crime but not as in the liberal left controlled states and cities.   

 We also didn't shut down from Covid as much as other States, so the economy was much less impacted. We had our losses in Covid deaths but we also have losses each year in Enfluenza deaths. Not the best of situations but people in this part of America are pragmatic about life in general. Most realize that on a long enough timeline everyones life expectancy reaches zero.   

 Terrible you cannot get even simple airport data. Where did everyone go?  Are you considering the Q1 then? I have flown a Q1. There is actually quite an interest in this original Rutan aircraft (Q2 was not Rutan).  A chap in Germany has almost completed his Q1, and he is using a modified V2 Briggs and Stratton that are used in racing. The Briggs engines have an outstanding reliability history. The Q1 as you might know is a totally plans built aircraft, but the main advantage is the economics both in build and ownership, and there was never any question about it being plans built. I have seen the main structures built in a living room of a normal sized house. Economic in every way and they perform quite well indeed. The Q list members are well versed in the design, so there is support.  

 I flew the Q1 from the same airport I learned to fly from and was signed off as Private Pilot. I wonder if an Instructor in your area might be interested in learning a new aircraft and sharing the ownership, you earn your certification for the cost of the rental of a conventional design?  A bit like a partnership.  There is no reason you cannot build the airplane first and then earn your certification. It is after all what Wilbur and Orvil Wright did 😉


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Hey Vern, Thanks for the encouragement. I actually love Florida, having been there in 1995. I'll give that some thought, but it won't be this year. As for shipping, the issue isn't whether it fits but who will pack it, and how to get it to my remote country location when it arrives. As a former motorcycle importer I'm a bit familiar with picking stuff up from customs hold, but although I hold a semitrailer licence it's a long time since I've driven one.

GA is well and truly dead here. Even getting a reply from airports about basics like how much landing fees and parking cost go unanswered. Being decidedly single I'm more interested in the Quickie that the Dragonfly but have always hesitated on buying parts because it was originally a kit, and building one from the available data is risky. But I've just seen that there's a new one about to fly down south (as reported in the RAAus newsletter Sportspilot, Issue 102 p66) and that has inspired me again. I also rejoined that organization last week, and did their L1 Maintenance Authority test online, passing with 88% on my first attempt, so I have the right to maintain whatever I decide to build.

I won't ever give up on the dream, but it sure has been a long runway. :-)

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