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Jerry Marstall

I would be upset too if my plane was an OSH champion.  Can't image why mine was selected. Maybe that $1000 donation had something to do with it.
Thanks for instructions.

On Tue, Nov 8, 2022, 5:56 PM Keith Welsh <kw544@...> wrote:
Hey Jerry,
The photo is in the Social Flight “Aircraft Gallery” from the menu, (the 3 horizontal bars in the upper RT corner).  Be prepared to scroll down a looooong way.

Someone had to have posted the photo and it was featured as a photo of the day.  Both my planes are on my profile but have never been chosen
I’m jealous.

Can be accessed from the Social Flight App or website. 
Have fun

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WHAT?? I often watch him on Tues nights. How do I find it?  Wonder how he came by a picture.Nancy and I use to fly into his airport in the 80&#39;s.Thanks for the rating. Jm
On Tue, Nov 8, 2022, 11:25 AM Keith Welsh <kw544@...> wrote:
Don&#39;t know if any of you visit Social Flight or not but I was browsing around through the daily featured aircraft and saw a Tri-Q200.Jerry Marstall&#39;s.  Nice Photo Jerry.  It is the daily featured aircraft from Dec 5, 2019.  It did not have a rating but now it does...I gave it a 5.(Taking my turn w/ COVID & have plenty of time to burn)...unfortunately!! Keith 

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