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Yeah baby! Another one bourne!

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´╗┐Very nice work, Norm. Congratulations are well earned!

Over the years we have seen a couple of Q2's with corvair power that were unable to generate enough power on take-off (for various reasons).

The corvair is a fairly heavy powerplant, so make sure that your CG is about in the center of the expected CG range.

For comparison, since both you and I have 6-cylinder horizontally opposed engines and approximately the same displacement, my test numbers may be of value to you:

You may also want to try what I did prior to first flight with my plane/engine combo (Tri-Q2/Jabiru 3300): Tie your tail to a spring scale and then run up the static rpm at full throttle. This way you are certain to know how much static thrust you are generating before you do your first flight.

I was able to achieve approximately 300 pounds of thrust and a maximum static RPM around 2800. If you can get somewhere in that neighborhood, then I would think that the engine prop combination is adequate for a successful first flight.

It looks like you have a ground adjustable prop, so you should be able to get it set up get the numbers you need/want prior to first flight.

Great work!

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q2, N8WQ 4-years and 287 hours.

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My Q2, Corvair powered with white paint recently applied now awaiting the stripes to be applied. Project nearly ready to transport to the airport for testing and hopefully flying. What I thought would be 2 years or so has been 9 years to bring to this stage. Kind of like reinventing the wheel as all who have done one of these well know.
Norm Coote, Port Ludlow, WA

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