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Edwin Medina

Congrats men! It’s nice when most of the stuff work as planned !

On Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 23:49 Bruce Crain <jcrain2@...> wrote:
Yep it was 33 degrees at 3500’ MSL but the sun was shining so it wasn’t too bad and had the cockpit heater on.  The oil temp barely showed up even with the oil cooler door closed.  (Apparently it leaks a bit).  I was solo and 1/2 fuel so off the departure end I watched 2000’/minute climb rate.  A bit bumpy but not bad.
At one point I wanted to check the autopilot out as I had installed a remote antenna up by the canopy to get better reception.  So I flew out bound and reset the Garmin 660 gps coupled to the Trio Autopilot.  It turned but not like I expected and when it turned me inbound it went past the line several times.  So I thought “gummit” I need to work on it. When I was about 4 miles out from WDG I noticed the “Servo” light was not on the autopilot!  Apparently I had been “helping” the autopilot more than I thought with my rudder pedals!  (Yes you can bank the TriQ with your rudder.).   So I alerted WDG tower I was going out bound to the northeast to check something.   So I am out bound for about 15 miles and rest the Garmin 660 for WDG.  When I pushed the Trio “servo” button the Quickie turned 180 back and nailed the inbound course.  So I put the TriQ 200 back in the hanger knowing it flew perfectly and I would not need to trouble shoot and call Garmin and Trio.
On a side note our RV6 radio is having trouble with noise and after trading radios with my friend Mike who has the same Michel radio we found my old radio is the culprit.  So now I have a new $3400 radio coming next week!  Merry Christmas, happy birthday, etc for several years!  My serial number for the old radio is 2300 and Mike’s newer radio serial number is 10,000!  So my old unit is no longer supported for repair.  Newer radios have tighter frequencies among other better reversions and up grades so yeah it will be better and the worry factor goes down for long cross country trips.  Sometime you have to throw money at things to fix them correctly.
Yeah radios don’t generate lift but things go much more smoothly especially if you’re in a class B airspace.
Bruce Crain

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