Re: Waddelow canard info

Mike Conlin

..BOTH Wing and Canard were intended to be 240". One of each were
built. The main wing failed the load test, possibly due to the test
fixture. the canard passed. I built a 200" canard per his
instructions and load tested at the same time as the others. I
istalled this canard and flew it over 100Hrs before I sold the plane.
I would take a "tested, but broken" canard any day over the butt is worth a little more than that. This is not
something you should do half-heartedly. (I'm sure some won't like
this.) Mike Conlin

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I believe that both airfoils were meant to be the same length.
spank me if I'm wrong!!!
Bruce Crain

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Would you have to increase the span of the rear wing to 240"
I would suspect that you could if you wanted to but Mr.
apparently chose to keep the same main wing span - with a
lay-up schedule. I'm sure there are weight/ballance issues
Caveat Emptor.

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