Jim Patillo

Good morning all,

I recently installed two Uavonix AV30’s in my plane and removed all the vacuum stuff. That all worked great and I really like not having vacuum. Each unit is a full blown AHARS.   Having said that, the DG unit cannot hold a heading worth a crap and precesses within 10-15 minutes to where it has to be reset with the compass. I’ve tried calibrating it but no joy for better performance. I can buy an external magnometer to solve this but would rather not. My question is, has anyone else seen this problem and how did you solve it. 

BTW, I hope to pass 2000 hours on my plane this year. It’s been a blast. Keep building only if it’s a little every day. There is actually an end believe it or not, and you will be greatly rewarded! 

N46JP - Q200

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