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Hi Mike
I have been trying to find someone who has built the Waddelow Canard, as per
original plans, for some time now, and the fact that you have both load
tested and flown the canard is fantastic news for us here in England!
I have built two 200" Waddelow canards, one of which is due to fly this
summer. The problem is that we have to persuade our CAA that the design has
flown before and/or has been load tested satisfactorily. Would you be
willing to supply me with details of the load test and the name and contact
info of the present owner so that I could verify the hours the canard now
has from the aircraft logbook?
Do you have any pics of the construction and the load test ?
Did you modify the design at all, however minor, or is it fully as Marc
Waddelow specified ?
This sort of information would be invaluable to us at this stage of the
game, and would be very much appreciated.
Thanking you in anticipation!

Paul Buckley Buckley@...

Tri-Q 200, 85% completed.
Cheshire, England.

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..BOTH Wing and Canard were intended to be 240". One of each were
built. The main wing failed the load test, possibly due to the test
fixture. the canard passed. I built a 200" canard per his
instructions and load tested at the same time as the others. I
istalled this canard and flew it over 100Hrs before I sold the plane.
I would take a "tested, but broken" canard any day over the
unknown.....my butt is worth a little more than that. This is not
something you should do half-heartedly. (I'm sure some won't like
this.) Mike Conlin

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