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Bruce Crain

Do you think it would help to put ferrite beads on coax and wiring coming out of different instruments?
Maybe bring all of your wiring back to a big grounding block?
Seemed to help mine long ago.  Pushing the mic button would affect my auto pilot.  It’s been a long time since I did both of those things and today it is still solid even when hitting the mic button.  RF?  RMI?

On Nov 27, 2022, at 3:33 PM, Jim Patillo <Logistics_engineering@...> wrote:

Hey Rick and Kevin, you know they should be giving us the damn things (remote mag) for free. Have you tried working on Uavonix for something to be done about this. I’m about to. 

I have two AV30’s and they don’t agree after 15 minutes (when both are set to show DG’s) and forget maintaining the heading. I’ve talked to Uavonix before about calibration and did exactly as they instructed with the figure 8’s etc. but no bueno. The displays and other features are great but the DG feature isn’t reliable as is. I don’t get how they can sell them as a DG with smiles on their faces. As a side, I love the rest of the jam-packed features these little units provide. They have bright and clear screens that work well in direct sun light. Great for clear or tinted canopies. 

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I too have one AV30 installed. Talked with the rep at OSH. She said if it precesses more than a few degrees in 15 minutes, a remote is needed.
The reason cited was magnetic interference in the panel. I bought it for the DG! Had a bad DG vacuum driven, and my compass goes crazy 
when I excite the alternator. The crazy part is that I will see 10 to 20 degree swing during flight. When I get on the ground and am taxiing to the hanger,
it will be very close to the setting I used before TO. (the times I have checked)
In my case I believe that in flight I am using the GPS and looking at track. Not magnetic. We automatically correct for wind correction and variation.
Even though variation is 1° or so in this area, so I would consider it non existent. With light and variable winds aloft it seems to do better.

Just my theory. I don’t have a bunch of hours on the unit. So you will need to make your own conclusions.

Kevin Boddicker
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Luana, IA.

Less hours than Jim P!!! Congrats Jim.

On Nov 26, 2022, at 9:40 PM, Paul Fisher <rv7a.n18pf@...> wrote:

Interesting.  I just ordered one (Black Friday sale).  I really wanted the artificial horizon function, but I was hoping the DG would work as well.  I guess I'll find out!  Although it may have to wait until it warms up a little - working in a cold hangar is no fun!!

Congratulations on 2000 hours Jim!


On Sat, Nov 26, 2022, 20:56 Jim Patillo <Logistics_engineering@...> wrote:
Hi Ben and Keith,
Uavonix does sell a remote magnometer compatible with these units. They’ve added it as an option for $295.00 but you would think that after spending that much for AV30’s their internal magnetometers would work better. You can set them both in DG mode and go fly for 15 minutes and they vary from each other after each and are off course. I’ve tried calibrating them and talking to the factory but that hasn’t helped so far. Everything else works great. 

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Here’s what ACS says:


Q: Will this unit work on the AV30 for a DG?

No, this is only used for compatible MGL instruments. The AV-30 is a non-slaved DG, so it does not require a remote magnetometer.”




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Jim, forget it without the magnetometer. I own 2 also and have the same complaint, personally I think uAvionix should provide the magnetometer for free for the poor saps like us that bought them. It's false advertising in my opinion. If you research the web and review the AV-30 Facebook group there are many many complaints. 


On Sat, Nov 26, 2022, 11:28 AM Jim Patillo <Logistics_engineering@...> wrote:

Good morning all,

I recently installed two Uavonix AV30’s in my plane and removed all the vacuum stuff. That all worked great and I really like not having vacuum. Each unit is a full blown AHARS.   Having said that, the DG unit cannot hold a heading worth a crap and precesses within 10-15 minutes to where it has to be reset with the compass. I’ve tried calibrating it but no joy for better performance. I can buy an external magnometer to solve this but would rather not. My question is, has anyone else seen this problem and how did you solve it. 

BTW, I hope to pass 2000 hours on my plane this year. It’s been a blast. Keep building only if it’s a little every day. There is actually an end believe it or not, and you will be greatly rewarded! 

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